Dog Blog: Tick City

Dog Blog: Tick City

Dear Diary,

Now that we’ve left Florida, I get so much more outdoor time again! Yippee! We visited Mom’s friend Kitty in Baton Rouge and she has lots of room to play… and little lobsters for me to eat. 

Then we made it to Arkansas Hot Springs National Park. I was allowed everywhere except in the bathhouses. But who cares about those?! It gets the good smells of mud and dirt off you. Mom was especially in love with the taste of the water too… but I think it tasted too clean. The best water for me is a little cloudy with flies in it for me to eat. 

The trails we hiked were awesome! And we camped three nights in a row at this dope park. Not to brag but I scared all the dumb coyotes away. There were also so many insects for me to eat – but there were some ones that like to bite me and stay on me that I just couldn’t get off me. So Mom and Dad tortured me for what seemed like foreverrrrr. I kinda don’t like them right now – these itchy bugs are better than the pain they inflicted on me. It was also super embarrassing since some were on/near my privates. Sigh. 

Alright, back on the road! Time to nap. 



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