Dog Blog: Colorado is the Dogs Pajamas

Dog Blog: Colorado is the Dogs Pajamas

Dear Diary,

I am LOVING Colorado! I have been able to do so much here. We went to a friends house in Fort Collins where I had a whole house to run around and went to breweries. Then we went camping near Salida and listened to blue grass and I reunited with my frenemy, Frieda.

Then we went to the Great Sand Dunes. That was pretty awesome except that Mom had me on the running leash – and I’m pretty sure she was trying to use me as a sand sled dog to pull her up. So lazy. She may have done that because the first thing I did was poop in the sand though.

Then we went to the Black Canyon National Park – I went to all the overlooks with Mom and Dad… except when it got too hot. Then I didn’t want to leave the AC in the van. 

Now, I’m in Durango at a super cool campground with some of my parents friends. I think they’re coming back for me? I hope so – they’ve come back every time they’ve left me, but I still get nervous. Luckily, there are a lot of humans to pet me here, and other dogs to play with. 

Gotta go, the cat is staring me down. 



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