Dog Blog: I’m exhausted

Dog Blog: I’m exhausted

Dear Diary,

I am exhausted! The last couple weeks I went HARD AF. Reminded me of when I was a young pup, raging on spring break.  Lots of going to the bathroom in places I shouldn’t, lapping up human alcohol, starting fights, humping, and running around ALL DAY!

So, we’re back in this big mansion.  As king of this castle, I went in and found my lair immediately and rested my weary bones for the last 48 hours. As well as wrestle (and take his food) with my old pal, Stout. 

I’ll be excited to get back into my big red kennel and on the road but for now, I’ll just enjoy all the space here and relaxing… when I’m not barking at every creature that enters the doors. 

Love, Luca

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