Dog Blog: We Live Here Now

Dog Blog: We Live Here Now

Dear Diary,

We’ve been in Maine forever now. Apparently Dad is waiting for yet another van part. But I don’t mind! This place is great. There is plenty of room for me, I get so many pets, and I can play outside all the time!

There is a great big Newfoundland named Ella that is okay… she gets mad at me when I try to eat her food. Just cause she’s all big, she thinks she can be the boss, psh, whatever. There’s also a cat in the mix now that I don’t think likes me very much. 

We’ve been to the Cove which is one of Mom’s favorite places. I still don’t like the water all that much though, so I just attacked that dangerous seaweed on the rocks. We’ve headed to Belfast where Nanna lives – last time I was there, I went on a solo adventure! Nanna didn’t like that though, especially when the cop followed me home. We’ve mostly been staying at our aunties houses – she has one in the woods, and another even more in the woods. Like I said, Maine is the best!




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