Dog Blog: Home Sweet Home?

Dog Blog: Home Sweet Home?

Dear Diary,

So remember when I said I think we live in Maine? Well, as always, I was right. Even though we left briefly, the van part that Dad got fixed here broke off the van, and so we came back to stay at Auntie April’s house while it gets fixed. However, we’ve been here waiting for like a month (although it feels like it’s been closer to 7 months to me, why is that?) so I’m pretttttty sure I can call this place my home. Everyone even knows I’m the alpha here now. 

I’ve done some epic things here too. After we hiked all around Shenandoah in Virginia and came back to Maine, I’ve ran all around the “Grand Canyon of Maine,” taken the BEST naps with my auntie, befriended a cat (okay, sometimes she tries to claw me), gotten dangerously close to the campfires, and impressed everyone by getting INTO the water (now everyone knows it’s not just the big newfie dog that can do it). 

Mom an Dad have been talking about leafpeeping being soon and how we’ll probably still be here. Not 100% sure what that is, but it sounds like I’l get to pee on everything, so I’m IN.

Gotta go. I hear a plastic bag being opened. Hopefully it’s cheese, or just garbage. 



PS: Still got it! Getting all the pets from all the humans, no matter where I go. 

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