Dog Blog: My New Girlfriend

Dog Blog: My New Girlfriend

Dear Diary,

OMG I have so much to tell you. It’s been so long since I’ve written but soooo much has been going on and I’ve been busy. 

Mom and Dad decided to move to Colorado because the lady I fell in love with is here. Her name is Xena and she lives with these humans named the Eliases. They’re wonderful. They make food and have so many toys and Xena is here! She’s the most beautiful chocolate dog who is sometimes like my sister, but sometimes I smell her butt. It gets weird. 

I love it here. I have a fire place to lie by, with the most comfortable bean bag dog beds. I get to lay with Xena and I get pet by all the humans. Mom takes me running with Xena and she yells a lot about us pulling her too much… to be honest, it’s mostly Xena pulling her because I’m out of shape, but I pretend I’m as fast as Xena. I’m telling myself it’s the altitude here, but it’s probably also because I love eating treats and lounging more than working out, just like Mom! 

There are only a couple downsides while being here. One – Mom and Dad are constantly working, which means they have less time to pay attention to me. They tell me it’s because they love me and want to put food in my bowl. Psh. Second – the dog next door. What. A. B***h. She always barks at me when I’m just outside in the backyard, making my business. Silly girl. 

Anyway, it sounds like a cheese package is being opened… gotta go!




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