Dog Blog: Cinco

Dog Blog: Cinco

Dear Diary,

I’ve been with my hoo-mans for FIVE years now. They keep saying cinco to me,
“to celebrate” which is a little annoying, but I’ve been obliging them because I’m a very good boy.

I was first adopted by another family, right from under Mom and Dad’s noses, but then that family brought me back because “I wasn’t good with kids.” (Total lie, I’m the best with kids – I just had lots of energy as a pupper). My first day with Mom and Dad, we went to Bent River Brewery and celebrated St Patrick’s Day! I’m not quite as cool and can’t hang as well as I used to – so today we celebrated at the dog park and then took a super long nap. 

It’s been a wild ride filled with all my favorites things; pets, treats, naps, and playing. I’m so dang happy that I’ve gotten to adventure with my favorite people for these past five years. I love you Mom and Dad!



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