Dog Blog: On The Road Again!

Dog Blog: On The Road Again!

Dear Diary,

After a long winter break, we’re finally back in the road again. 

It was a little hard to leave Xena… mostly because she wanted to try the long distance thing. But I was like “girl, I gots things to do, and I need to get my scent everywhere, if ya know what I mean.” 

Mom and Dad sold the van/my big kennel on wheels! They got a nice red truck (why are they obsessed with red??) though where we’re all close together. And when we sleep, it’s some real nice snugglin. I give it a week though before Mom makes Dad go bikecamping for a night.

I’m so happy to be back on the road. I got to stick my head out the window for hours and soak up that wind and all the scents, run around (which I need to do…. I put on a few lbs this winter…) and am now falling asleep in this beautiful place they call the Badlands. 

All in all, life is pretty grand right now! I heard we’re heading to Alaska, but for some reason Mom and Dad stop talking about the plans when I come into the room… I wonder what that’s all about. I’ll keep you posted, Diary!




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