North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park

After dropping Ry off at his hostel in Portland, we headed up to Washington; Mike on his bike, me in the car. We had plans to go to Bellingham, as that’s where my friend’s, Beth and Lauren, live. They are going to watch Luca for us while we go to Alaska (I’m already crying about leaving him). 

We decided to check out North Cascades National Park before heading over to their house since it wasn’t too far. Like most parks, it has a large scenic drive that highlights all that it has to offer. I’m a little sad to report that we didn’t do much in this park besides the check out the scenic drive. We are getting antsy to get to Alaska, and this park is a park for week long hikes, not just day hikes. It’s also a great park if you have a boat, which sadly we do not.

However, we still got to witness the beauty of the Cascade Mountains and it’s gorgeous emerald colored lakes. We explored at the most popular stops including Gorge Creek, Diablo Lake, and Ross Lake. We made it up to Washington Pass and got to see why they call this a “new” mountain range. Since it’s not as old as many other mountain ranges, the peaks of the mountains are still sharp and jagged. 

Luca really loved how dog friendly this park was! I got to take him on quite a few trails while Mike was biking up to the pass. I probably shouldn’t think about that though since it just makes me want to cry about not taking him to Alaska…


  • The scenic drive is pretty long and doesn’t have that many services along the way. Make sure to fuel up before you get to the park!
  • This is a wonderful spot for those lucky ducks that have boats; both motorized and non. If you have a boat, bring it! The beach is super wonderful to play on too. 
  • This visitor center was one of the most informative ones I’ve been to in awhile. Make sure to stop there and peruse the exhibits!

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