Dog Blog: I’m a Big Deal

Dog Blog: I’m a Big Deal

Dear Diary,

Despite Mom and Dad leaving me for a month, I’ve been having a great time! I stayed with their friends, Elizabeth and Lauren, while they explored Alaska. Elizabeth assured me they would come back for me, so once I knew that, I had a great time in Bellingham. Actually, I feel bad for my parents; Alaska sounded like a dump with all the stupid bears and no sunsets, while I had lots of fun here. 

I played a lot with Irie, who became a really good friend. I also went biking and running and swimming and terrorized the chickens and sniffed lots of gardens and I turned six years old and took the best naps in the sunshine. Like I said, it’s been a totally awesome month. I think I shed a few lbs too… I look like I’m a young 3 again, not my middle aged self. 

When Mom and Dad showed back up, I was so happy though. I used to worry a lot that they wouldn’t come back for me when they would leave me with other people. I’d even punish them and not give them any kisses or snuggles for a week or so when they would come back. Buttttt…. they’ve always come back for me, so I didn’t withhold my love this time. 

We just left Olympic National Park and guess what? I’m a certified BARK Ranger now! I worked really hard for it; I had to go into the visitor center with mom, get my photo taken (I looked super handsome), and pledged to BARK. (Bag my poop, Always wear a leash, Respect wildlife and Know where I can go).

I’m a really big deal. People know me now.

gotsta go! Need to stick my head out the window while Dad drives.




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