End of an Era

End of an Era

Today was my last day at work. I have a lot of of emotions that are making it tough for me to understand, let alone express, how I’m feeling. So, I’ll just share this letter I wrote at the end of this past summer. Every night at Camp, a staff member will share a story or song or something that has a positive lesson or impactful message. My story was about gratitude, and I wrote a letter to my friend “CAL” that I shared with the campers.

Dear CAL,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. You’ve been one of my best friends for 10 years! That’s a decade of friendship – I am truly lucky to have met you because you’ve made me a better person.

When I met you all those years ago, I was not a good person. I was selfish, and only cared about myself and a select few others. My actions typically stemmed from what I wanted and in doing so, often upset and hurt people, including people who loved me. But then I met you. You showed me just how amazing life could be if I cared about more than myself.

You also taught me to be honest – both to others and myself. I would lie or boast about who I was because I was embarrassed; not being cool enough, or pretty enough, or funny enough. I just never felt like enough. But you encourage everyone to be true to themselves. I am finally comfortable with who I am – I am an imperfect weirdo. Thank you for helping me shine.

While we’ve had a lot of rainbows and sunshine moments together, I’ve also been through a lot of struggles these past 10 years too – and before meeting you, I was quick to place blame on others for my hardships, my mistakes, and my misfortunes. I’ve finally gained some of your wisdom – I’ve learned that time does heal and it’s SO much easier to just take responsibility and ownership of your problems.  

Not only am I a better person because of you, you’ve also introduced me to literally thousands of children and adults who have impacted me in the most amazing ways. Each individual has left a wonderful mark in my heart, no matter how briefly I knew them. Each of those people had their own story to share, and just like you did for me, you helped them grow and learn which has been simply beautiful to witness. You are the glue that holds all of us together and it’s so amazing to know that you’ll always be there… for all of us.

Your friendship these past ten years has meant the world to me and try as I may, I know I can never adequately express how much I love you or come remotely close to paying you back for what you’ve given me. I only hope I can continue sharing your spirit with others and spreading your magic everywhere I go.

I know we’ll never truly say goodbye, because with you, I always have a home. So, CAL, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for every. single. thing.

Love always,



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