Anxiety & Excitement

Anxiety & Excitement

We have our van. It’s built out (mostly). We’re packed (a little). We’ve said goodbye to our friends (as many as we could). We have our route (kind of). We have our budget (but need more money). Luca is pumped (he has no idea what’s going on). 

I’m freaking out a little. 

Luckily, I have Mike. While I’m panicking a bit, I still know everything will be great because I have him. Sorry not sorry for the sappiness – but he’s wonderful. I talked to him about my dreams of seeing all the national parks and he’s making it a reality. Without him, I’d be just talking about this dream for the next couple decades. He’s made me a better person. Do you realize how utterly terrifying it is to quit a job that you loved and gave you steady paychecks for the last 10 years – and not have a job lined up? It is scary… but exciting. 

I’m pumped to not have to wake up at 6am. I’m excited to get my junior ranger badges. I’m thrilled to have a break from the 9-5 grind. I can’t wait to see all our country has to offer, and all our friends along the way. But mostly, I’m so happy I get to have the best adventure partner (and pup, can’t forget him) by my side on this trip of a lifetime. I love you, Mike. Thanks for making me brave. 

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  1. You guys are amazing!!! Keep the posts up and take us on this adventure with you! And know that you always have a meal to come home to and a bed if you need one! Love you guys! Safe Travels!!!

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