Dog Blog: Kentucky is for puppies

Dog Blog: Kentucky is for puppies

Dear Diary,

Well, this was fun! Mom and Dad were able to take me alllll over this Mammoth Cave Park – not sure why it’s called that because I didn’t see any caves. I think Mom and Dad saw some, but I was napping HARD during that time. The first day here, after we went over a scary ferry to the North side of the park, I got to run 4 miles with Dad, then “ran” with Mom for 5 miles (she is super slow and walks a lot), and then we all cooled down with a 6 mile hike. It. Was. Awesome.

This place had so many neat smells – squirrels, deer, big cats, and horses! I had to have a leash when they were around, or when we were on the busy side of the park with lots of people – I think I heard Mom say that it was rule? Apparently the park rangers don’t know I’m a really good boy. 

But still – this park was awesome. All dogs should bring their humans to this park. I think we’re heading to the Smokies next – do you think the black bears will want to be friends? I hope so!




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