Dog Blog: Not-So-Great Smoky Mountains

Dog Blog: Not-So-Great Smoky Mountains

Dear Diary,

We are in the “Great” Smoky Mountains.  Pssh, someone should change the name to LAME Smoky Mountains. I never get to leave the van! Apppppparently these rangers said I couldn’t play outside or go on the trails because I could make some other animals upset. I get that most animals don’t like me when they first meet me, but they usually warm up to me. I’m so offended. 

The only good thing is that now I can get on the bed by myself.  Then I can look out the windows without Mom and Dad constantly telling me to “get back.” I just want to see things and be close to them, don’t they know that?? But the bed is super comfortable  – I just don’t like it when Dad turns on the air super high without giving me some warning. 

We had dinner at Dad’s friends house the other night – while I’m getting used to living in this really big kennel, it was nice to play with some kids and have a big house to explore.

Mom said we’re leaving this dump of a park soon – thank god. Okay, I’m done pooping outside this Walmart and Mom knows I’m just playing around now. Gotta go. 



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