Dog Blog: That Shedding Life

Dog Blog: That Shedding Life

Dear Diary,

Remember how people said I had gained weight? Well, I found the best way to trick the humans into thinking I’m losing weight! Shedding! My hair, that is. My feelings were a little hurt when they said I was bigger now, but I have the last laugh now. Mom and Dad are so distracted with trying to clean my fur up that they aren’t even paying attention to my diet anymore! I shed my fur everywhere I go or anything I touch: their (our) bed, the seats, the floor, all of their clothes, and it even gets in their food and bags and dishes! Ha HA!

I’m also working out a bit more too, which I guess is helping. I didn’t realize how out of shape I had gotten, lounging in Big Red this much. We went to Shenandoah National Park, which is one of the good ones because they let me go most places with my parents. But we went on a few hikes and I was struggling to keep up, even with Mom! Kinda embarrassed by that. 

Not sure where we’re off to next, but I hope I get to play more outside. For now, I gots to go beg for some snacks. And if they say no, I’ll just blow out some more of this fur in their breakfast. 



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