Dog Blog: I Feel Blue

Dog Blog: I Feel Blue

Dear Diary,

It’s been awhile, I know, but I just haven’t felt like writing. To be honest, I’ve felt a little down. We’ve been constantly moving around, but I haven’t felt like I have my own home or space right now. 

That’s not to say that I haven’t been having some fun. I have played with some pups (was I that annoying and energetic when I was young??), Lincoln and Rush. I’ve also gotten some butt sniffs and growled at by the old dogs, Fizz and Boo. And of course, I have gotten lots of pets and belly rubs from my parents friends. 

But I miss the van. And my kennel. Some place that I could call all mine and not have to share it (except Mom and Dad occasionally). I’m so anxious that I can’t stop itching my belly and chewing at my butt. It made Mom and Dad worry that I had fleas (I don’t) or allergies (nope). Mom even took me to the groomer just in case it was dry skin (it wasn’t… but I look damn good with this festive bandana). 

Sorry to be such a downer, diary. Just really hope to feel at home again soon. 



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