Waimano Falls

Waimano Falls

We headed here in the late morning. Again, we trusted various articles/blogs we had read, but there was some conflicting information. It just led to us having a little more adventure than we anticipated though!

Fun fact that we learned – Waimano trail does NOT lead to Waimano Falls. A completely different trail, Manana Trail, is what leads to these falls. We only hiked for a half mile at least until we realized this – and I’ll toot my own horn again, it was partly because I wasn’t convinced it was right because of what some of the blogs had shown for the trail. The random ladies we asked get most of the credit though. 

Anyway, we made it to the right trail head, and began on a beautiful paved jeep trail that slowly got smaller and muddier. We had read about the “Cardic Hill” and kept waiting for that monster. It did not disappoint. After the first half of the trail, you would have to use ropes and trees to get down without slipping. The tree roots were all over the trail, which actually created “stairs” of some sort. Beautiful, but I could definitely see how people get hurt on this trail. 

We arrived to the waterfall! It had three pools, but the third pool is the best. It has rope swings and cliffs to jump off. We played for about an hour here. Again, this hike was so much less touristy. A family had just left when we arrived, and only one other couple arrived while we were there. 

On our hike back, we did see a handful more people heading there – all locals. The girls that arrived right as we left were SO baller. She ripped her clothes off and leapt off the cliff, through the trees, about 5 feet higher than where I jumped. She then got to where I jumped off (and stood, panicking, for 5 minutes before I jumped) and did a back flip.  


Side note – every girl we passed was an instagram worthy butt model. Here I was in my high waisted swim suit, looking around for where I could poo off the trail, and these girls are wearing thong bikinis looking like they are the pretty filter on snapchat. I had to console myself by thinking that I probably had a better personality. 

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