Oahu – Part 1

Oahu – Part 1

March 4-8, 2018

Mike and I arrived pretty late so I don’t remember much of arrival – but we got picked up by Mike’s best friend, Geoff and his wife, Robin. They live about 30 minutes away from the airport, so we are extremely lucky to have such good friends that we can take advantage of stay with while we’re here!

The next morning, we woke up to the sun shining (suck it, Midwest!) and decide to move our travel legs with a run around the beach and neighborhood. Geoff and Robin live in a DOPE community that is a lot of military housing, with a private beach, and tons of amenities (community center, private cabanas, pool, dog park, and more!). 

After our run and tabata workout, we adulted more by going to the store for groceries for the week. The rumor about Hawaii being more expensive… totes true.  We  bought some lunch meats, veggies, cheese, and steak. At Aldi (swoon!), it would have been about $40 – here it was $80. YIKES BIKES, amirite? The silver lining is that there is no way in hell I’ll be overeating or snacking… weight loss! 

That afternoon, we went to the Dole Plantation! It was crazy busy. We were still in sticker shock so we didn’t pay for the train tour or anything but we still walked around to learn about the different plants, a cutting presentation (you know we’ve all been doing it wrong), and then tried their famous pineapple fro-yo. Definitely worth the money for that! Fun facts – it takes 20 months for the first pineapple to grow from it’s seed, and they are all hand planted! It makes the prices of pineapples seem much more reasonable. 

Later that night, we enjoyed the sunset on our beach (so fancy!) and drank wine and beers before bed – this fact is important, as you’ll learn in the post about the next day hikes. 

The following morning, we did the sunrise hike up Koko Head, checked out Halona Blow Hole and Sandy Beach Park, Makapu’u Point Lighthouse hike, and then Lanikai Pillbox. I told Mike after Koko Head that I was done hiking for the day… naturally, we did two more. 

Buns a’burnin, the next day we slept in until 8am (crazy right? It’s almost like a teenager again). Mike is doing a race in August (Otillo – it’s mad, read more to really learn how crazy he is) so we went to the beach for Mike to swim and I “lifeguarded”. While I am a Red Cross certified lifeguard, I spent more of my time snapchatting, which is the exact thing I’ve yelled at staff for….. 

We then drove to Ka’au Crater for the most unbelievable hike that felt like a safari jungle – and I bested Mike for the first time EVER in navigation. 

When we came back, we discovered another reason why this neighborhood is the best – every Wednesday they have food trucks by their lagoon! I really want to try their famous poke bowls, but I’m still working to acquire the taste of raw fish, so I went with some Kalua Pig which is another popular island food. 

The next day, we seem to have found our groove – woke up, watched Mike swim again, breakfast and then headed out to another hike at Waimano Falls, where we got to use a rope swing into the water!  After that, we checked out the YMCA in the area so Mike could do some more training (and I just sat there thinking about how much my butt and legs hurt).

Next, we’re off to the Big Island and Maui to check out the first National Parks on our list!  I’m so excited. 


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